About Plastic Chapel


Plastic Chapel is located at
3109 E. Colfax Ave., Denver, CO 80206

Email Dea / Dave

Store Hours

Tuesday thru Saturday from noon to 6:00pm Sunday 11 to 4


We specialize in limited edition collectibles of all kinds :designer toys ,urban vinyl, blind box & candy toys (shokugan) ,handmade/designer plush ,art books, magazines, small/Indy press books/ zines, and we feature monthly original art.

We strive to create a unique shopping experience as well as providing our customers with a wide variety of specialized imported products that are hard to find in your normal toy store, specialty boutique, or hobby / comic shop. We specialize in import collectible toys by artist in wide array of disciplines: from Fine Art, Comics, Illustrators, Fashion, Music, and Graffiti. This is one of the best parts of this genre, it draws people form all kinds of ages, backgrounds, and personalities.

We pride ourselves on keeping the newest designer and artist toys (limited edition only - no mass produced products) while always down to find that one missing gem. Because we are a young business, run only by the two of us, we always provide personal and courteous customer service and fast and affordable shipping worldwide. What separates Plastic Chapel from other designer toy stores is the personal attention,strong presence in the community, and our knowledge and passion for the toys and art!

If you ever have questions, or are looking for something in particular feel free to call or stop by our brick and mortar location … even if you just want to chat about toys, art, or …

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